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About Us

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Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association (DDMBA) is an organization with its vision to “uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on earth”. Its founder and spiritual leader is the renowned Chan teacher, Master Sheng Yen.

After receiving a doctorate in Buddhist studies at Rissho University, Japan in 1975, Master Sheng Yen embarked on his mission of bringing the Dharma to the West. Under his teaching, members learned Buddhist theory and meditation, attended meditation retreats, and cultivated Dharma friendships.

In 1994, with the growth of his disciples, Master Sheng Yen established DDMBA to further the teaching of Buddhism in the West and for international programs. Since then, nearly 31 DDMBA chapters have been started in the USA. DDMBA-NJ is one of the 31 Chapters in the USA.

DDMBA’s ideal of Protecting the Spiritual Environment has widely gained international recognition. Since 1997, Master Sheng Yen was invited to several international conferences with other leaders of major religions. In 2000, Master Sheng Yen participated in the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual leaders to deliver a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. Then in 2002, he was invited to attend the World Economic Forum annual meeting, the Inaugural Meeting of the World Council of Religious Leaders, and the First Conference of the Global Peace Initiative of Women Religious and Spiritual Leaders.


To promote DDMBA’s vision in New Jersey, DDMBA NJ was founded in 1992. Since then, we regularly conduct meditation and education programs to promote humanity and peace. Through practicing meditation, we come to know ourselves and cultivate inner-peace. Through education, we reach out to the community to help others. Our regular programs include:

  •  Meditation workshops, classes and practices
  •  Singing / Chanting practices
  •  Group studies and experience sharing
  •  Senior centers and family visit
  •  Community education at public libraries and colleges