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Regular Activities

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What DDMBA New Jersey Offers:

All programs are free and open to public (unless indicated otherwise)


Weekly Sunday Morning Meditation
2nd, 3rd & 4th Sunday morning, 9am-10:30amSitting practice is open to everyone with some basic understanding of sitting meditation. This session includes periods of sitting meditation with some guidance, walking meditation, gentle moving exercise, and optional sharing. Come and experience the peaceful benefits of morning meditation, in a quiet and supportive environment.


Half-Day Chan Meditation Retreat
1st Sunday morning, 9am-12:30pmThis retreat provides an excellent opportunity to deepen experience with continuous half day meditative practice. This session includes periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation and gentle exercises to deepen relaxation and unify the body and mind. Master Sheng Yen’s Dharma talk video will be played at the end of the retreat.


Monthly Meditation & Dharma Discussion with Dharma Teacher Dr. Rebecca Li or David Slaymaker
3rd Sunday afternoon, 2pm-5pm  The three hour program includes meditation (moving / sitting / walking meditation) and Dharma discussion.   Practitioners at all levels are welcome.


1-Day Chan Meditation Retreat  Give yourself a day for meditation. Experience the benefits of Chan practice throughout the course of one full day. Learn how to apply methods of meditation and mindfulness while sitting, walking, exercising, working, eating, and during all other activities. The simple and relaxed schedule allows you to settle your mind while at the same time allowing you to maintain a constant silent awareness of your every activity. Most people find that by attending our 1-day retreats regularly, they renew the strength of their daily practice.  This retreat also includes brief Dharma talks, guided meditations, and review of basic meditation methods such as breath awareness and total mind-body relaxation.  See Calendar for coming up event.



Guided Meditation Class
The class is designed for those who have little or no experience in meditation practice. The class Includes periods of sitting meditation with guided relaxation, walking meditation, and moving exercise, with some short video presentations or sharing. As well, this class is equally suited to seasoned practitioners, particularly as a form of sharing their practice with others. Perfect for the beginner's mind in all of us.  See Calendar for coming up event.


Chanting Services Buddha Name Recitation helps us to cultivate the heart of compassion, the willingness to repent, and the desire to make vows to deliver sentient beings. Great Compassion Repentance helps to purify our minds, generate compassion for all sentient beings, and enhance our spiritual practice of mindfulness. See Calendar for coming up event.




Buddhist Study Groups Discussion group devoted to investigating a selected text, mostly from Master Sheng Yen’s teachings, or related to Buddhist sutras.   See Calendar for coming up event.



Group Meditation at Community Libraries Bring peace to our community by holding regular meditation practices at Marlboro Library and Manalapan Library.  Come and experience the peaceful benefits of meditation, in a quiet and supportive environment.  See Calendar for coming up event.




Community service at Rose Mountain Care Center
2nd & 4th Thursday, 10:30am - 12:30pm
Bring peace and joy to senior citizens




**For More information about the dates and times of each of the above activities, as well as special visits from monastic teachers, please be sure to visit our "Calendar" section of the website.

Venerable Master Sheng Yen emphasized the importance of cultivating both individually, and within the supportive framework of a group practice. We continue to uphold the value of group practice by offering a variety of events that are suited to practitioners of different needs, affinities and backgrounds. We look forward to seeing you practice with us soon!